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Eximore’s proprietary non-silicon composite (COM) made of drug absorbent material, a bulking agent and a binder to create an innovative ophthalmic sustained drug delivery system.  Our technology platform allows us to tailor the physical properties and drug release profiles to meet specific applications. We have used this platform to engineer a bio-compatible and bio-inert punctum plug product candidate for management of ocular diseases and conditions. The innovation is in the ability to manufacture the composite with drug and coating the surface of the composite (if needed) to control the release of the drug. The innovation of the composite materials is its ability to absorb up to 60% (%wt of the device). Due to the unique proportion of its ingredients we can achieve slow release of the drugs based on a physical phenomenon called percolation.

Composite Technology

  • Improved compliance

  • Reduced dosing frequency

  • Sustained delivery over time

  • Reduced patient burden

  • Option for dual drug therapy

  • May improve safety and efficacy

  • Low cost and easy to manufacture

  • Non invasive punctual plug, that is easy to administer at doctor’s office with no surgical procedure needed

  • Good for at least six months

  • High retention rate (above 90%)

Composite additional benefits of sustained ocular drug delivery over topical dosing methods include:

Eximore is able to put ophthalmic pharmaceuticals in its composite to deliver sustained and therapeutic levels of drugs to targeted ocular tissues. Another way of controlling the release of the drug from the plug is by coating the outer surface with inert polymer  to provide the desired duration of therapy (from days to months), and are compatible with a wide range of ophthalmic medications.


The composite provides containment, localization and protection from inflammatory response, providing what we believe is an ideal material for sustained delivery of drugs to the eye. Eximore’s intracanalicular composite punctal plug can be inserted non-invasively through the punctum for ocular surface or anterior segment therapies, or injected intravitreally for posterior segment therapies. Sustained drug delivery plugs also provide a more consistent dosing therapy than topical eye drops by avoiding the large variances in drug concentration (see figure).

Sustained Release Drug Delivery